What Who Deadline
O1 GUIDELINES – Leader UCLGuidelines for the correct design, the test and the fine-tuning of the methodology and the APP All partners 01 September 201728 February 2018
State-of-the-art study concerning educational planning UNIMC 28/02/2018
In-depth analysis of frameworks and practices Schools and associations 28/02/2018
Development of the Guidelines for the proper planning, testing and fine-tuning of the methodology and the APP UNIMC and UCSC 28/02/2018
O2 DEVELOPMENT – Leader UNIMCApplication Software (DEPIT APP) All partners 1 March 201828 February 2019
Analysis of the APP functionalities and methodologies Infofactory, UNIMC, UCL 31/03/2018
Development of the beta version Infofactory 31/08/2018
Experimentation of the beta version of the APP in the schools involved Italian Schools, CEP 31/12/2018
Software revision in relation to data collected during beta testing and release of improved (fine-tuning) releases Infofactory 31/12/2018
Definition of the final version and its release Infofactory 28/02/2019
O3 TRAINING – Leader USEA training course for teachers and students of university paths which develop future teachers All partners 1 December 201831 August 2019
Analysis of the pilot phase in order to retrieve all the information USE, UNIMC 31/01/2019
Development of the training course contents USE 28/02/2019
Presentation of the course to the partnership and to a group of external stakeholders All partners 28/02/2019
Revision of the training course based on the feedback USE 31/03/2019
Translation of the contents of the course into Spanish and Italian USE, UNIMC 31/03/2019
Implementation of the training course for the partner and associated schools Schools 30/06/2019
Inclusion of the training course in curricula for future teachers/trainers/ training managers Universities 31/06/2019
Final revision of the Course based on the results obtained USE 31/08/2019
O4 ONLINE COURSE – Leader UNIMCMassive Open Online Course (DEPIT MOOC) All partners 1 September 201831 July 2020
Acquisition and analysis of the feedback produced by the organisers/trainers of the Training Course UNIMC 30/09/2019
Acquisition of tools, multimedia materials UNIMC 31/10/2019
Definition of the MOOC logical structure UCSC 30/11/2019
Development of the MOOC with an adaptation of the training materials produced during the training course UNIMC 31/01/2020
Creation of the MOOC DEMO version and feedback request UNIMC 28/02/2020
Validation and online launch of the MOOC in English UNIMC 31/03/2020
Translation of the MOOC into Spanish and Italian USE, UNIMC 31/03/2020
Joint planning of a schedule of the 4 editions of the MOOC Universities 30/06/2020
Revision of the MOOC following the implementation of the 4 editions Universities 31/07/2020
O5 MANUAL – Leader UCSCImplementation Manual of the DEPIT Model All partners 01 January 202031 July 2020
Definition of the structure and the graphic and lay-out requirements UCSC 31/01/2020
Sharing the structure and the lay-out requirements All partners 31/01/2020
Elaboration of the first draft UCSC 31/03/2020
Editing the contents in the hypertext document UCSC 30/04/2020
Revision of the hypertext document UCSC 31/05/2020
Presentation of the publication to external stakeholders AEDEIT, ATEE 30/06/2020
Revision based on the feedback and translation of the contents into Spanish and Italian USE, UCSC 31/07/2020
Publication on the Erasmus+ dissemination platform UNIMC 31/07/2020
Partners meetings All partners 31/08/2020
Evaluation and Monitoring UNIMC 31/08/2020
Elaboration of the Dissemination Plan UNIMC 20/12/2017
E1. Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar Rete Depit March 2020
E2. Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar CEP March 2020
E2. Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar Crescendo March 2020
E.4 European Networking Conference AEDEIT July 2020
C1 – Mobility of 8 teachers of the Depit Network to Spain Rete Depit, CEP 01/10/2019 – 30/11/2019
C2 – Mobility of 16 teachers belonging to the CEP to Italy CEP, Rete Depit 01/12/2019 – 31/01/2020
C3 – Mobility of 8 teachers belonging to CRESCENDO to Spain Crescendo, CEP 01/02/2020 – 31/03/2020