The aim of this project is to develop, test and transfer an interactive learning design methodology and App into the participating school and university systems of the partner countries, then promoting its adoption in further EU countries. In particular the objectives are:

– To develop a Learning Design Methodology that will support teachers in managing new and complex class room realities, and differentiation between learner needs.

– To develop an Application (for PC and mobile), easy to use, to support the teacher in designing their learning activities, possible to use both in class room and at home.

– To test and validate the Learning Design Methodology and App in several schools and at different levels in the partner territories.

– To implement a MOOC to open up the learning opportunities to other territories and to promote the use of the methodology and the app;

– To disseminate and transfer the Learning Design Methodology and related App to other schools, universities and teachers outside the partnership at both local, national and European level.

To achieve the above objectives, 10 partners from 4 different countries will cooperate throughout four different action phases:

1) In the 1st action phase partners will define and fine-tune the methodological approach that the project intends to follow.

2) In the 2nd action phase partners will develop an App for the Learning Design and organisation of pedagogical material, testing their use directly in schools and with teachers that belong to the networks of the consortium;

3) In the 3rd phase a training process will be launched to consolidate the use of the Methodology and App: a) through a training course for the teachers of the involved pilot schools; b) by the introduction of the training content within the course curricula of the science education programme of the 4 universities involved, to prepare future teachers/trainers; c) through the development of the course content in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs), first of a series already planned, to guarantee a direct and permanent access and use by other schools, universities, teachers, students and stakeholders.

4) The 4th phase is finally dedicated to transfer and mainstream results at local, national and European level, including the organisation of multiplier events.


O1 – Guidelines for the correct design, the test and the fine-tuning of the methodology and the APP

O2 – Application Software (DEPIT APP)

O3 – A training course for teachers and students of university paths which develop future teachers

O4 – Massive Open Online Course (DEPIT MOOC)

O5 – Implementation Manual of the DEPIT Model

E1 – Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar in Italy

E2 – Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar in Spain

E3 – Local “Peer to peer” multiplier seminar in Italy

E4 – European Networking Conference in Brussels

C1 – Mobility of 8 teachers of the Rete Depit to Spain

C2 – Mobility of 16 teachers belonging to the CEP to Italy

C3 – Mobility of 8 teachers belonging to CRESCENDO to Spain