The DEPIT project was conceived and led by a consortium of partners representing a set of different skills, necessary for the development and implementation of technologies that can be integrated into educational planning situations.

They are Italian and European universities, international associations of teachers and trainers, networks of schools consortium for projects in teaching innovation, software development companies.

The partners are:

University of Macerata (Italy – Coordinator) –

AEDE-IT (Italy) –

Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) –

Association Rete DEPIT (Italy)

Centro del Profesorado Sevilla (Spain) –

Consorzio Rete CRESCENDO (Italy)

University College London (UK) –

Infofactory srl (Italy) –

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy) –

Associated Partner: AETEE – Association pour la Formation des Enseignants en Europe (Belgium) –